A Writer's Life
Thomas C. Stone

Thomas C. Stone


To The Stars
The Libran Exchange
The Harry Irons Trilogy
Stolen Worlds
Minerva's Soul
Among The Stars
Jennings' Folly
Song of the Elowai
The Gender Wars
Rolling Thunder
Incident On Walsh Street
Return to Xylanthia
The Galactic Center
The Xylanthian Chronicles
Collected Short Stories
Sandy Pearl and the Blades
I developed a fascination for speculative fiction as a boy. Hot Texas summers were filled with baseball, fishing, and reading. College studies focused on writing, classical literature, philosophy, linguistics, and computer science. Struggling with finances, I dropped out my senior year and enlisted in the Navy, serving two tours of duty with the Seventh Fleet in the closing years of the Vietnam War. Afterwards, I returned to school to complete my first degree and subsequently landed a position as a teaching fellow in the English Department at North Texas State University. It was either that or go to Fiji with the Peace Corps. To be honest, I think I would have preferred Fiji.

My work record is sketchy, at best. I have earned wages as a teacher, technical writer, systems analyst, martial arts instructor, and various other odd jobs. For a while, I thought I would end up as a musician, but music would have been a poor career move, sort of like deciding to be a fiction writer.

My stories are primarily in the science fiction genre depicting characters under stressful and extraordinary settings. Even in a fantastic setting, I strive for honesty in my writing, aiming for characters who respond to their circumstances as I believe actual people would -- which means absurd actions are often pursued under the guise of logic.

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