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Titles by
Thomas C. Stone

The Libran Exchange
The Harry Irons Trilogy
To the Stars
Stolen Worlds
Minerva's Soul
Among The Stars
Jennings' Folly
Song of the Elowai
The Gender Wars
Rolling Thunder
Incident On Walsh Street

Titles by
Pat Whitaker

Ethylwyn (Release TBD)
Bad Blood
Time Out
Raw Spirit


Cooper's Press was established in 2009 by Thomas Stone and Pat Whitaker in an effort to pool their resources and expedite their own publishing ventures. Cooper's Press is interested in finding and helping quality writers of speculative fiction in order to market their work. If you are an author of an appropriate genre, please contact us to discover how we may assist you. If required, we can help edit manuscripts and prepare the same for particular publishing streams, whether digital, print, or audio. Authors retain all rights to their own work.

Cooper's Press is:

Thomas C. Stone

Thomas C. Stone is a writer of 'hard' science fiction with a strong element of adventure. Tom resides in the United States. His work is aimed at a general readership and is suitable for anyone teenage or older. Details can be found in A Writer's Life, Thomas C.Stone on the bookshelf.

Pat Whitaker

A New Zealand-based writer, Pat Whitaker writes in two genre traditional science fiction and crime/sci-fi crossover. Pat's work focuses on an underlying speculative idea and weaves a plot around it. Although writing for an adult readership, sex and violence is handled discreetly, making the books equally suitable for teenage readers. Pat's aim is to produce intelligent and original work with an emphasis on research. More details can be found in A Biography, Pat Whitaker, on the bookshelf.


Cooper's Press titles can be obtained in both electronic or print format.


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